Progressive Action for the Eradication of Corruption

Progressive action for the Eradication of Corruption
Acts of corruption by state officials is dangerous and makes people suffer. Though corruption money comes from taxes collected based on the corresponding laws and regulations. Corruption is not always about money, but also there is corruption of time. Corruption is an act done by any person in violation of applicable laws, to the detriment of state finances, and enrich themselves or others.

In short, the deviation of the state are also included as an act of corruption. Corruption occurs also carried out the corrupt in various ways to take advantage. In government there is always a fraud committed by government officials to take advantage by breaking the law. Corruption is also smart to anticipate that corruption is not proven. In the end state budget deficit and forced into debt to foreign countries. The money from the debt even is also not free from corruption.

From the past until now about the corruption there is no low end. Was like a cancer that eats away at the body. Even arguably, such as bribery and corruption are difficult to cure chronic painful. It's become a bad person is easy, but we have to think first what we are doing is right or wrong. If it was wrong, be prepared to bear the risk to be faced later on and will bring us misery.

Revealed many cases of corruption are detrimental to the finances of state and all parties involved be tried in court. But that is not the case revealed that more state financial losses can not be saved. Intensified efforts to combat corruption, the clever culprit to cover his actions. To overcome this need progressive action to eradicate corruption in this country a corruption free country.

Need and greed: corruption risks, perceptions and prevention in humanitarian assistance

Emergency environments present unique corruption risks for agencies operating within
them. Relief is delivered amidst weak or absent rule of law, endemic corruption and immense need. The capacities of governments and humanitarian agencies to assist affected people are stretched to the limit, and agencies are under pressure to intervene rapidly. Assistance is injected into resource-poor settings where powerful people have disproportionate control over resources. In the case of armed conflicts,predatory economies often develop when influential groups attempt to direct these resources for their own ends.

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Good Governance and Anti-corruption policy and guide

Good Governance and Anti-corruption policy and guide
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Anti-Corruption Handbook

The idea of a handbook on fighting corruption emerged from a realization that many Bank staff have had experiences with corruption. Some devised ways to minimize corruption, using informal mechanisms, savvy, and courage. Others were confounded as they followed standard operating procedures yet sensed that the procedures were sometimes being circumvented. Some Bank staff have commented that there has been a tendency to focus on project outcomes rather than on whether there was corruption. Staff perceived a tradeoff between getting needed services to the poor and ensuring that corruption was eliminated. While staff did not believe that they could ensure zero corruption, some were ambivalent about the goal of zero tolerance for corruption. This ambivalence was compounded by the burden of proof required to prove corruption and the perception that the Bank was not taking corruption seriously as a development issue.

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